Welcome to the animal kingdom, young animal lover!

Check out some fascinating pictures of animals at Doo Zoo. To make the wildlife experience more real there are animal videos for kids with interesting fact sheet. Did you know horses can sleep while standing up and so can cows? Or that some lilies bloom at night, while hippos love swimming all day? Flamingos are pink because of the food they eat and chimpanzees can use tools just like us? This mysterious animal kingdom is full of fun stories and facts. Lions, tigers, big bears, little birds, zebras, giraffes, crocodiles, kangaroos, different kinds of reptiles and many other animals await your visit. So, drop by and say hi to some really interesting friends.

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Meet your favourite animals in their natural habitat.

Here, you will find some of your favourite animals and some animals you have never seen before. Doo Zoo is divided into four broad categories.


Why is Doo Zoo there in worldoo?


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worldoo is the first platform to be CO-CREATED by kids, parents and teachers. Every aspect of worldoo exists because they wanted it to be part of worldoo.


If you are a parent, knowledge is the most powerful weapon you can give your child. On worldoo, your kid shall learn and play at the same time; on a platform which is safe, secure and fun too. And most importantly, it has been built by parents like you for kids just like yours.

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