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Tara instills good values in kids by showing them the importance of charity. It’s nice to have stuff. But it’s even nicer to share your things with someone who is not as lucky as you. When you have lots of things, maybe you can give some and make somebody’s day. Donate stars and enjoy giving.

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We have a lot for you to learn at this ‘giving centre’.

Responsibility and caring are better understood at a young age and here you learn just that.

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Why is Tara there in worldoo?


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worldoo is the first platform to be CO-CREATED by kids, parents and teachers. Every aspect of worldoo exists because they wanted it to be part of worldoo.


If you are a parent, knowledge is the most powerful weapon you can give your child. On worldoo, your kid shall learn and play at the same time; on a platform which is safe, secure and fun too. And most importantly, it has been built by parents like you for kids just like yours.

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