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Doo TV has fun videos for kids and some amazing mythological stories with moral values. Isn’t the Internet full of amazing videos? Now you can watch some of the best videos that the Internet has, especially for kids like you. There are a number of videos, from stories, to some fun tricks you may like to learn, to educational videos, all just for you. Watch them, have a few laughs, learn something new and even show them to your friends. After all, it’s fun to share! So come and check them out!

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We have selected some of best videos for various categories.

Here, you can learn a lot and even share your new skills with your friends. Doo TV is divided into seven categories – Academics Entertainment Language Mythological stories Skills Sports Stories

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Worldoo was built in a democratic way. Every aspect of worldoo exists because people wanted it to be part worldoo.


If you are a parent, knowledge is the most powerful weapon you can give your child. On worldoo, your kid shall learn and play at the same time; on a platform which safe, secured and fun too. And most importantly, it has been built by parents like you, for kids such as yours.

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