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Kids can now chat and discuss on various subjects in a safe environment at Doo Crew. Meet your friends in worldoo. Mo and Ki. Along with them meet the ones who take care of your world – Coppo Tex, Coppo Kiran and Sidekick, the dog. They run this place and help you do all the exciting things on worldoo. They are the masters of what they do. Ask them about how they make this place so magical and from where they get all their wonderful ideas. Come, say hello!

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We have many cool people for you to interact with.

Here, you can express your opinion on various topics with your favourite characters. Doo Crew has four members.

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Why is Doo Crew there in worldoo?


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worldoo is the first platform to be CO-CREATED by kids, parents and teachers. Every aspect of worldoo exists because they wanted it to be part of worldoo.


If you are a parent, knowledge is the most powerful weapon you can give your child. On worldoo, your kid shall learn and play at the same time; on a platform which is safe, secure and fun too. And most importantly, it has been built by parents like you for kids just like yours.

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