Thank You Parents, Teachers and Children!

Your response to "Let's Build Together" initiative was overwhelming and we take this as a responsibility you have put on us. We are working on an all new worldoo exactly the way you have wished for.


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(122 Schools x 250 Students per School)

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(No. of Responses Registered on Site)

Data Split

52 : 27: 21

split between PARENTS, TEACHERS and KIDS who have given feedback.

Topics of Choice

percentage of users selecting particular topics.

Value Of Money 85%

Skills and Tricks 68%

Quizzes & Puzzles 59%

World Places 76%

Mathematics 53%

Power of Giving 62%

Music 19%

Decorate Your Home 59%

Comment on Topics 27%

Make Friends 15%

Choose an Avatar 22%

Share What You Like 31%

Chat 10%

Share Your Pictures 2%

Art & Craft 66%

Plants & Animals 48%

Fun Games 29%

Learning Games 81%

Buy Stuff 8%

Sports 72%

Story Books 58%

Few learnings...

  • Early trends show that Parents want a perfect blend of Fun and Learning
  • More than half of the participants prefer something where their Kids can express their Creativity
  • There is a consensus on most of the topics, indicating an emerging need for an online Multi-content Destination for Children
  • Kids' Security being a huge concern, topics like, Share Your Pictures, Chat etc.

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* Source: Google Analytics & On-ground feedback from Schools & Stores

About Worldoo

Everyone is on internet. I also want to be. But where to go? Everyone tells, it’s not for me. So, can’t someone make something for me?
Something like My World…

But only people like me should be there haan, or I will get bored
There should be many things I can do. Full fun types. It should have lots and lots of colors, lot of new new things to learn, I can call my friends also, ummm, also haan, it should be very easy for me to use. And then, you know, I will tell everyone that even I can internet.

Once I get this, I will tell mumma not to worry, because I don't like when she worries. I am right naa!