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We are working towards building a Responsible Internet for Children

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Take a look at our progress across all that worldoo has in store for you. In worldoo we call them LANDMARKS. Each of these landmarks is designed with a purpose.

Overall Progress

Doo Store
Doo Store is worldoo’s shopping centre. Kids can buy all their stuff from this store. They will learn the skill to spend wisely by understanding simple transactions.

Game Den
worldoo’s game zone will be fun-packed. A huge collection of age appropriate games to let kids have a fun time.

Knowing about exotic animals is something that kids will surely love. A chance to get up close and personal with beasts of the animal kingdom in a fun way.

Doo Crew
This is worldoo’s very own crew. Kids can follow their favourite characters as they have many fun things to say.

Another popular choice in the feedback, worldoo’s academy will help kids learn smart skills beyond the world of books.

Doo Bank
This landmark is a result of the most popular demand during the feedback phase. worldoo’s piggy bank will help kids learn the value of money and the concept of savings.

War Quarters
Kids love fun and games. How about teaching them important environmental issues through games. worldoo’s war quarters will help kids save the world.

Community Center
A place where kids will interact with other kids and participate in various fun activities.

My Home
Kids can have their very own home at worldoo. Colour the walls, raise a pet or decorate the floor with impressive furniture – kids will enjoy managing their home their way.

Doo Holiday
Get ready to see the world through worldoo’s binoculars. Travel various countries and flick through pictures as they get to know the wonders of the world.

Responsibility and caring are virtues better learnt at a young age. Tara teaches a kid the feeling of compassion towards others kids in need.

About worldoo

Everyone is on internet. I also want to be. But where to go? Everyone tells, it’s not for me. So, can’t someone make something for me?
Something like My World…

But only people like me should be there haan, or I will get bored
There should be many things I can do. Full fun types. It should have lots and lots of colors, lot of new new things to learn, I can call my friends also, ummm, also haan, it should be very easy for me to use. And then, you know, I will tell everyone that even I can internet.

Once I get this, I will tell mumma not to worry, because I don't like when she worries. I am right naa!