Let’s Build worldoo.com Together

A unique initiative to build worldoo.com with the help of children, parents and teachers. This website could be many things and could have been done in many ways. We believe, to make the website experience truly meaningful, fun and responsible, it is best to ask children, parents & teachers the stuff they would love to have in it. Your suggestions matter to us as these will help us build worldoo.com as per your needs and create a Responsible Internet for children.


*Number of Participations - Updated Daily
@SrBachchan T 1681 - Happy to be a part of this initiative .. exciting and valuable .. / 1:30 pm


We are carrying out this initiative through 4 simple phases:

  • 1

    Invite suggestions

    Pick your topics of choice and submit

  • 2

    Gather and evaluate

    Once we gather all suggestions, we will evaluate and create a pool of topics based on popularity

  • 3

    Create Content

    Based on the most popular topics, we create a unique website experience that’s both visual and interactive

  • 4


    Launch the website to the world of kids

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About Worldoo

Everyone is on internet. I also want to be. But where to go? Everyone tells, it’s not for me. So, can’t someone make something for me?
Something like My World…

But only people like me should be there haan, or I will get bored
There should be many things I can do. Full fun types. It should have lots and lots of colors, lot of new new things to learn, I can call my friends also, ummm, also haan, it should be very easy for me to use. And then, you know, I will tell everyone that even I can internet.

Once I get this, I will tell mumma not to worry, because I don't like when she worries. I am right naa!