What is Worldoo?

worldoo is an online world created for a kid's first step on the internet. It is unique as it has a diverse range of age appropriate content that's exciting and easy to use. It is a fun learning website which also has exciting games and activities for children. A kid.s world where they can learn, express and play. Parents can now be worry-free as their kids will have a great time on the Internet in a secure environment.


Kids in worldoo are called 'Champs'.

A worldoo Champ learns life-skills and other social aspects like making friends and participating in events.

Champs can also learn new things everyday by knowing about animals, seeing pictures of places around the world and playing brain games.


Champs express themselves by creating new things and sharing their opinions about subjects of popular interest.

They can also post their views on things they read and learn.


The whole of worldoo has a game-like experience. The earning and spending of stars is exciting for kids as this helps them choose wisely.

Here, Champs also get to play the most popular and exciting age-appropriate online games chosen from across the world of internet.